Next week, we have to be in The Netherlands to get our vaccinations. That meant that we had to skip some places and rush back North. 

As the weather was terrible last week, we quickly drove through the last part of Portugal. Of course, we visited Porto, because Port wine is our favorite drink in the world. It was high on our list of places to visit, so even though it was cloudy, we took the metro to the city twice (once in the evening, and once the next morning). Sparta didn’t mind that he had to protect Tiny at all!

Once we got back to Spain, we immediately noticed the difference with the South of Spain. It was madly green! Because it was still raining, we drove a lot and in between, we visited some smaller towns and one big city: Santiago de Compostela. Besides, we enjoyed a large part of the coast with its beautiful cliffs and lovely beaches.

Last Friday morning, we arrived in a national park called Los Picos de Europa. We had heard wonderful stories about it, so we were very excited. Unfortunately, it was tremendously crowded and we had to skip two famous hikes because of that. Therefore, we had a coffee in one of the little towns and decided to find our own hike, using Maps. Sparta was very happy to be able to walk without his leash, and the sun even came out!

After one hour, we were already sweaty and tired, because the climb up the mountain was very steep. Still, we wanted to make it to the top, although that was going to take a long time! The views over the mountains and the town were amazing. Because Tamara had to work in the afternoon, we got a bit anxious that we wouldn’t make it back in time. Therefore, we increased our pace on the way down and we even had time to have a cider when we got back into town!

That same evening, we dragged ourselves to the center to grab dinner. To our big surprise, there were stalls with local products throughout the town, and we were amazed by the lively atmosphere and the cheerful people. We sat down on a terrace and had a great meal. 

On our last day in Spain, we visited San Sebastián. Leaving Sparta in the van, we walked all the way to the city center and found a place to watch the Dutch soccer team compete against the Czech Republic. The pinxtos were delicious and although The Netherlands got kicked out of the tournament, we loved watching it in a big city.

Now, we are driving back to The Netherlands. On the way, we will visit the Dunes of Pilat, but we will mainly drive straight back North. Maybe we’ll see you soon?!

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  1. Leuk om steeds zo mee te lezen. Zo voel ik me vanaf de bank soms toch een beetje plaatsvervangend wereldreiziger. Dank jullie wel daarvoor 🙂

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