Hi! We are Tamara (36), Nienke (30) and our dog Sparta (1).
We have been fulltime travellers since summer 2019.

Our entire lives we’ve been dreaming about leaving The Netherlands. We both have always said that we would love to live in a place with less people and less stress and where there are mountains, lakes and forests surrounding us. We don’t want to work our whole lives, we just want to enjoy the many great things the world has to offer.

In 2019, our big dream started. We decided to travel around the world for a while, to find a place where we felt at home. The plan was to drive all the way to South Asia and sleep in our van or with families we meet along the way. 

From July 2019 until August 2020, we travelled from The Netherlands to Georgia. We worked in many different places, such as on farms, in a dog shelter, with families, and in a cafe. In the meantime, we discovered beautiful places and enjoyed the life on the road.

In December 2019, in Turkey, we adopted a stray dog. He and his brothers and sisters were living in a small village and were extremely malnourished. Although it was a tough decision, we knew right away that one of these puppies was going to come with us on our trip. We called him Sparta, after the city (Isparta) we were living in at that moment. 

In March 2020, the world changed. The three of us got stuck in beautiful Georgia, where we met some other travellers. Together with them, we spent a lot of time waiting for the country to open it’s borders again. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our plans to continue our way to the East and we eventually drove back to The Netherlands in August 2020.

Because our dream had’t been fulfilled, we searched for a temporary job and started planning again. In spring 2021, we will leave The Netherlands for the second time, to continue our journey.