Finally, it’s time for a new blog! Sorry to all our readers who have been waiting for it for a while. But we’re back and we will try to give you a weekly update on our life.

Ten days ago, we left the Netherlands again. To our new readers: this is the third time that we ‘leave’. Our original plan was to drive our van Tiny all the way to Singapore, but as many of you know, Corona messed up this plan. But now we are ready to try again, although we are not aiming for Singapore. We have just planned a trip for one year this time, and then we will probably just come back to the Netherlands again. On this trip we hope to reach Iran and those countries that we like to refer to as the ‘Stan’ countries, like Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan etc. Since it’s still not possible to head further east, we will spend the first six months of our trip in (South) Eastern Europe and Turkey.

At this moment, we are back in Slovenia. In Kanalski Lom, the place where we started our first big trip. We came here two years ago, to do a workaway at Andrej’s and Larisa’s place. Now, we are back as friends, but of course we also help as much as we can.

The village of Kanalski Lom is gorgeous, like the rest of Slovenia (according to us). We are supposed to tell everyone that Slovenia is horrible and overcrowded though ;). The people here are super friendly, but they are a bit scared that tourism will grow ‘too big’.

At this moment, I am sitting outside in the sun, with my back up against the wall of a huge old house that we have helped renovate. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but it already looks so much better than the last time we were here! There is an actual roof on the house now (we helped oiling all the slats) and the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom are all done. The house is great, but the view is even better. There are mountains in every direction, there is a beautiful white church upon a hill right in front of me and there are cows with bells everywhere! The village has less than a hundred inhabitants, so it’s quiet and peaceful.

We’ve been here for over a week now, mostly staying in the village. We take the dogs (Sparta and Minoush) out for a walk around the village twice a day. Usually, we help out a few hours in the morning and afternoon with all sorts of jobs: working in the garden, digging trenches, cutting and moving branches, making fires to burn all the wood and lots of other little tasks. We also spend a lot of time chatting, eating, and drinking!

Yesterday, we had a pleasant surprise! We had visitors from the Netherlands over in Kanalski Lom. Joeri (from, who created our logo and put stickers on our van) and Angela came for a coffee. We couldn’t let them leave without trying some local ‘schnapps’. It tastes almost like spiritus, but we won’t tell Andrej’s dad, who made it.

On Sunday, we will go on a hike ‘lom je moj dom’, which they just made these past years, and which runs through our village. Then, on Tuesday, it’s time to leave again. We’re slowly headed to Serbia, but our first stop will be a mechanic… again… Something is wrong with our breaks. Which isn’t very convenient considering the fact that we are up on a mountain right now! So please cross your fingers that we will make it down to the mechanic safely!

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  1. Miki:
    Just where you are at the moment.
    I tried to give you a bottle of vine, but obviously, you fel asleep.
    You will get it in the morning.
    Have good time, here in Pancevo, Serbia.

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