In a few days, it’s time for us to leave the Pelopenessos again. It has been […]
It has been a while since we have posted a blog; sorry about that! We have […]
We entered North Macedonia on Tuesday, October 5. We had stayed in Prizren – a lively, […]
We spent the last couple of days exploring this new, young country: Kosovo. When we were […]
This week has been pretty extreme. We went from summer to winter and from nice quiet […]
From Croatia, we had to cross the Danube to get to Serbia. Before we did that, […]
Being back in Slovenia, in the Soca Valley, felt like we had never left. All the […]
Finally, it’s time for a new blog! Sorry to all our readers who have been waiting […]
Next week, we have to be in The Netherlands to get our vaccinations. That meant that […]
Since we have given ourselves unlimited time to travel, we hardly ever have a deadline. Even […]

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