On Thursday, April 22, we were finally ready to leave The Netherlands again. We had been busy with visiting friends and family, getting Tiny ready and getting ourself tested. We were thus looking forward to some quiet days on the road!

The first day, we crossed Belgium and Luxemburg and entered France. Although people say that the controls at the French border are very strict, we didn’t see any police and we could just continue driving. We stopped somewhere in the middle of the country, where we mainly had to stay inside the van because of the curfew. The next day, we started early and we crossed the Spanish border in the early afternoon. We had made it!

We parked the van in a grassy field on a hill, close to L’Escala. Although Sparta had done a very good job lying on his bed all day, he was very excited to be able to go out for a walk. He got totally crazy when we arrived at the beach! Of course, we were both happy to start exploring new things again too. Moreover, we were exhilarated when we ordered our first drinks out on a terrace!

On Saturday, we drove a long way towards Madrid. We covered the last 100 km there on Sunday morning, because we were going to meet Tamara’s friend Maria for lunch. They met each other in their teenage years, when they were both studying in Sweden. It had been 5 years since we had last seen her, so it was really great to spend some time together.

That same afternoon, we continued driving South. On Monday, we wanted to be in Casabermeja, where our friends Inge & Alex have their holiday house. They had already told us that the road to their house is unpaved and quite steep, so we were well prepared when we drove up the hill. However, it was still a pretty scary road!

When we finally arrived at their finca, it immediately felt familiar and we talked until 1 am. The next day was Kings Day, which we spent decorating the house, playing some old Dutch games and eating orange cookies. A little bit of our home country in beautiful Andalusia! And on Wednesday we had another party day, because Alex had his birthday. More games, cake and fun!

The last two days we have been working on the land a lot. Because it is so big, there are always many things to be done; mowing the grass/bushes, clearing the land from dead plants, pruning olive trees, gathering rubbish, removing roots, etc. And while the adults work, the kids and Sparta play, keep us company and make us laugh. What a great division of tasks!

3 Responses

  1. What a great way of living your dreams.
    I’m very fortunate to say I was Nienke’s colleague for several month.
    Enjoy your trip and we would love to see you again on our driveway someday.

  2. Whauh meiden wat fijn dat jullie het avontuur kunnen vervolgen. Ik lees graag mee met w elke mooie plekken jullie aandoen.

  3. Een mooi eerste verslag en ik ben zeer benieuwd naar jullie ervaringen in Andalusië. Zo mooi daar 😍
    Geniet 👍🏻

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