What a difference with last year! When we parked our van in a new spot in Turkey or Georgia, we were usually the only tourists and locals would always come up to us and say hi. When we told people about our way of life, they looked at us funny: no house, no jobs, etc. Most people couldn’t imagine living a life like that.

Here in the south of Spain, our story is one of many and so is our van Tiny. When we find a spot for the night, there are usually a dozen of other travellers in all kinds of vans. Some people are there for the night and others have been at that one spot for months! We never have to explain ourselves and our way of life; we really are one of the many.

This definitely has pros. It’s super easy to find a place for the night and there are a lot of facilities for vans. We never have to think about things like where to empty our toilet or to find new water. We haven’t been around for a long time, so we’re not sure if there are cons yet. One of the things is that it seems quite impossible to find a real secluded place to stay and have some alone time. We’ll fill you in on the other cons (and pros) when we know more.

Yesterday, after 10 fun days, we left lovely Finca Fijn and our friends. We spent our time at the finca catching up, playing with the kids, working on the land, many delicious (outside) meals, party’s and lots of other little things. We really had a blast and we could have easily stayed for 10 more days, but we wanted to start exploring Andalusia! Our first stop is Malaga and then we will follow the coastline to the East. We always enjoy driving along the coast and it’s pretty convenient too! Besides, it really gives us a holiday vibe.

After some time on the road, we might circle back and pay our friends another visit. We already miss them. But for now we will just enjoy being one of the many, many travellers that are around.

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