Our last week in Spain was a lot of fun. We visited Seville, a beautiful city, and crossed the Sierra de Grazalema, where we walked through picturesque white villages (Arcos de la Frontera, Grazalema, Ronda). In that area, we also found a village that was entirely blue, since the Smurfs movie was filmed there. So awesome!

When we got back to the Mediterranean Sea, after we had had our morning coffee in Marbella, we found a nice beach to spend the afternoon. Unfortunately, Sparta hadn’t been feeling well; we guess that the week had been a little too busy for him… So, he didn’t mind staying on/near the beach the rest of the day, so he could sleep.

On June 12, we got up very early to be able to find a parking spot near the border with Gibraltar. We didn’t want to take Tiny into this tiny country, but we did want to visit it! So, we left Sparta and Tiny in Spain and walked across the border to Gibraltar. Because it’s British territory, other Covid rules apply, so we were allowed to take our masks off! We walked through the city, had a coffee, were amazed by all the tall buildings and came to this conclusion: Gibraltar is an awfully ugly country.

The last stop in Spain was Tarifa, the kitesurfing-town. It was very windy, so it wasn’t a great day for swimming and lying on the beach, but it was perfect for doing laundry. Dry within 15 minutes! At night, we went into town to have dinner at two different restaurants. Why have one big meal when you can have several tiny ones?

Last Thursday we entered Portugal. After we had visited two little towns, we finally ended up in Faro, the capital of the Algarve. Because Portugal doesn’t allow wildcamping anymore, we need to find official places to spend the night from now on. To be honest, it makes it a lot less fun! Still, we are really looking forward to exploring Portugal. We will keep you posted!

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