Sorry to our English readers for this Dutch titel! It means something like ‘hit it, hit the gas pedal’. 

Most of you probably know that Spain wasn’t part of our original ‘overlanding’ plan. We’re only here because corona mixed up our plans. If it wasn’t for corona, we would have probably been in Nepal by now. Instead, we are driving through Andalusia, which is beautiful and a very nice side step! We are enjoying every moment of it, but in our hearts, we can’t wait to continue our original plan and head East. 

Next on our original bucketlist is Kazachstan. We wanted to visit this country in spring, but obviously that wasn’t possible. The end of summer and beginning of the fall would be our next option. In winter, however, Kazachstan isn’t really suitable for overlanding in a vehicle like ours. To cut a long story short; we should be headed to Kazachstan sometime soon! But before doing this, we would like to get our COVID vaccinations in the Netherlands. 

At first, vaccinations in the Netherlands seemed to go a bit slow, but they’ve definitely picked up on speed. It might be our turn to make an appointment within a week or 2. 

But here we are, still enjoying Andalusia. Soaking up the sun, taking showers in lakes, exploring all the gorgeous white villages, taking long walks with Sparta and having drinks and tapas in restaurants. After Andalusia, we don’t want to drive straight back; we want to travel trough Portugal and the north of Spain too. And not just drive through it, but also really ‘travel’ there. 

Time is running short it seems (that is, if we want to stick to our original plan). Maybe we’ve been in Andalusia for too long, but there’s just so much to see and enjoy here! 

So, we guess, now it’s time to hit the gas pedal, or re-think our plans. But it’s definitely time for ‘hop hop, gas erop’.

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