We’ve been in the Sierra Nevada for about one week and we are loving every minute of it! We started our visit in a cute city called Trevelez. This is supposedly the highest city in the Alpujarras (the highest mountain range in the Sierra Nevada). 

Trevelez lies on a very steep hill, so walking is a bit tiring at times. On our first short walk around the town, we discovered a lot of little alleys, and a ton of precious white houses. Combined with the fantastic views and the smell of cured ham (this town is famous for it), we fell in love with this cute town. We only did a short walk, but because of the steep hills we were already pretty tired after half an hour. Thus, we decided to treat ourselves to a beer and a tinto de verano (red wine with lemonade, somewhat like sangria). We received a complementary plate of tapas with the drinks too. And of course we also ordered a plate of the cured ham. Delicious! 

I guess this was the moment that our new habit was born. It’s been a week and we’ve been having a drink with tapas almost every day from that day on. This is definitely something new! When we first left the Netherlands in July ‘19, we had a pretty tight travel budget. We only splurged on a coffee, let’s say, once a week. A dinner maybe once a month. Things are a little different now though!

Back then, we just traveled and did Workaway. This time, we have added a new activity to our schedule: we still teach sometimes! A typical day usually starts with a fun activity, like a hike or visiting a new city. Than, we practice our new habit: having a drink and some complementary tapas at a restaurant. When we get back to Tiny, we teach for a little while. Even Sparta started to like our new habit, because he usually gets some of the tapas too!

But, let’s get back to the Sierra Nevada, because it’s truly beautiful here. We didn’t just have drinks in Trevelez, we also did a fun 6 hour hike into the mountains. After we left Trevelez, we visited some other cute little mountain villages. We really like all the spectacular views and the white villages, they really ‘stick out’. 

After two days of walking, we spent 2 days at a dam, where we mostly just relaxed and had ‘showers’ in the lake. The view from our spot was amazing and the water was super clear. This was the first time that we weren’t surrounded by other vans, which made it great too.

Now, we are on our way to Monachill, a village just on the edge of the Sierra Nevada, close to Granada. Let’s see if we can still keep up with our new habit there!

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