Being back in Slovenia, in the Soca Valley, felt like we had never left. All the people we met two years ago were excited to see us again and we were grateful to spend some more time with them. Who knows; maybe we’ll be back in another two years!

On Tuesday, we left Kanalski Lom to go to the mechanic. Tamara slowly drove down in first gear, as to not overheat the breaks. The entrance of the first workshop was too small for us, so we had to go to another one. The second and the third mechanics didn’t have time for us, so we waited at the coffeeshop across the street. Finally, at four o’clock, the second mechanic told us that our breaks looked fine and that we could continue our trip without any problems. 

We had planned to meet up with Joeri and Angela again, to visit the cute town Smartno in the middle of the Brda wine region. We arrived on Wednesday morning and spent the whole day with them, chatting and sitting at the terrace. At night, we had a lovely wine tasting in a nearby village. What a different (and amazing!) way to spend our time! We really enjoyed this day, especially because we usually don’t do things like this.

The next morning, we continued our way to the South. We visited the Slovenian coastal towns Izola and Piran, which we really loved, and crossed the border to Croatia the next day. Although it was still very crowded, we also loved Rovinj, a very popular holiday destination on the Croatian coast. 

But, after two days at sea, it was time to drive East. We took a day off in Karlovac, where we knew we could relax and swim, and now we are on our way to Serbia. A new country and a new Workaway are waiting for us!

Sparta’s diary (1)

Hi everyone, my bosses allowed me to tell you my story too. We are back on the road now and I don’t really like the parts when we are driving. Still, I love all the new smells in all the places we visit! The temperatures during the day are a little too high for me, so I usually lay low until 5 pm. I love the moments after my dinner, when the sun goes down and I can annoy my bosses. They like to play with me, but they sometimes get very angry when I bark too much or when I chew on my pillow!

Now I am getting older, I got used to all the people around me all the time. I’ve actually started to like most of them! However, sometimes I still get scared if they make loud noises or if I don’t see them coming. I definitely love my bosses, but I also fall in love with other people quickly. We have just left from this amazing place, where I made a bunch of new friends. I already miss them a lot, but I don’t miss the goats that were entering our place all the time. I had to chase them off every day! There were also cows in the village, but they scared me and I wanted to bark at them (my bosses didn’t like that). 

So, I kind of like it here. I get to play outside all the time and I can sometimes even run around without my leash! By the way, all this storytelling has made me hungry, so can I have a treat now?

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